Routine with 3 motion sensors and 2 dimmers

Hi, I have the following scenario:

I have 3 Fibaro motion sensors installed. I also have three lamps controlled via one Fibaro and one Qubino dimmer.
I want to enable all two dimmers once one of the sensors detects a motion. After 3min the light should turn off. If motion occurs in between, then the time should reset. Is this possible to do?


Yes. There are several ways to do this, however I would group the 3 motion sensors and the 2 dimmers respectively 3 lamps using the < group > app. This will reduce the number of flows.

These flows are without any other conditions like brightness, awake, sleeping etc.

Another way:


Another way is to use zones (e.g. living room, bedroom, etc.). But this works only if there are no other sensors installed in this zone, which can switch the zone active, e.g. door/window sensors. And it’s only possible to use predefined times.