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I was wondering if anybody have had experience with this

I wrote to Robb support, and they say I need tbe wifi-dongle to make connection with Homey. But as there is no usb connection on the Homey, I don’t see how that is possible?

I was hoping to connect the motor directly to Homey, using Homey as bridge - but is that possible?

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433MHz is not wifi? Or does it come with a 433 to wifi bridge of some kind?

Hy, you indeed need the USB dongle as a bridge between wifi and 433 to use my app [APP] Motion Blinds. The USB is for power only, you do not plug it into Homey and you don’t need a PC, NAS or raspberry. The dongle takes care of the 2-way 433MHz communication so you have full curtain state in the app.

The USB dongle can connect up to 30 blinds of different types. I am currently also testing with Top Down Bottom Up blinds for example, connected to the same dongle. I have currently 8 rollerblinds and two Top Down Bottom Up connected on three different floors, so the range is able to cover my whole house.

I heard Athom is looking into the possibility for a direct connection, but I do not know if this is actually possible. The two way communication is more challenging than the normal 433 one way communication protocols. Also there are different modulation techniques that one module cannot support at the same time, so there are many ifs. And Athom usually does not provide a timeline or any guarantees if it will actually become available.


Thank You, just the answer I was looking for :0)

Great app!

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