Ring - Create multiple snapshots

I would like to create multiple screenshots (like 3) at motion and doorbell pressed.
I tried too accomplish this to create 3 different motion alerts that would get a snapshot, with different delays and would send them to me. But I get the same image for all 3 snapshots.
So it does not create a new snapshot on second and third trigger.

Is there a solution for this in flow, or is this a feature request?

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The snapshot gets created by a flow and pulling the image. Have you tried creating the snapshot three times or pulling the image three times?

tried to create it, then pull it and then send it, from 1 flow and then 3 times.
Not at the same time, but with a delay.

Can u tell us how u do that?

First flow:

Deurbel - Motion 2:

Deurbel - Motion 3:

After each flow, the image should be refreshed, pulled and be send.

Ah ok. U confused me with the “from 1 flow” part, sorry.
So u also have more flows with like “Snapshot is opgehaald” ?

Why do you use different sub-flows for each snapshot? I dont see the difference with only using the first flow, and have three cards with ‘retrieve snapshot’, each with their own delay.

And I think the ring cloud will only update the snapshot if there is a new motion or alarm event, so the 3 second interval might be too short to get different pictures. But this is just a guess.

And my guess is that can even be 1 minute!

Your correct. At first I used one flow with the 3 retrieve cards and delay, but got the same image.
That’s why I tried to split it up in flows.

And I also think there will be only a new snapshot on a motion or an alarm event.

I think we need a new trigger card like “Take snapshot”?

I tested it further, the delay for pulling the snapshot does not matter. The snapshot is created at the first moment the motion is detected. So to create the snapshot at a later moment, we will have to change the motion zone.

I dont want to hyjack your topic, but can someone tell me how I get the snapshots in Telegram?
I dont have a ‘‘picture’’ card that is from my doorbell

Select the top tag in local tags:

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I dont have the option when snapshot is grabbed. I have a ring 1 and i’m running the latest version in the store.

Already removed and readded the doorbell but i dont get this option :frowning:

Edit: Never mind is was looking in the device. I had to look in the app

Dunno if the 1 can do the same. But it’s under the Ring options. Just type Ring without the actualy device name. In the mobile app it’s under the Ring app, not in ur Ring device.

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