Resolved: Confirmations on iOS not working anymore?

I have a couple of flows that ask for a confirmation before executing them, but lately, I do get a push notification from these flows, but don’t have the options to accept or deny anymore. The message just shows up as a push notification, and when I click them it opens the Homey app.

Anyone else having the same issue on iOS?

You have to long/hard press the notification

I know, been using it without any issues for over a year. Problems started after updating iOS to 15.1 (or maybe 15.0). Was wondering if I was the only one, cause that makes troubleshooting a bit easier. To make it even more funny, if my phone is locked it does work, when it’s unlocked it just opens the Homey app (also on long press)

Reinstall of the homey app solved it, no clue why…but hopefully this information helps others with the same issue.