Reset power consumption for Aqara Smart plug

I can’t be the first one to ask this, BUT I can’t find the answer anywhere!

How do I reset the power consumption for Aqara Smart plug?

Don’t own a Aqara Smart Plug myself, but this is what I found in the FAQs.

I don’t know if the power consumption will be also resettet, because not every plug resets the energy consumption on reset. But of course, the Aqara Smart Plug will leave the Zigbee mesh, so you have to add it again. That means also you have to repair the flows.

But the long press resets the entire unit, making it leave the mesh, doesn’t it? It would be nice if there was a way to only reset the kWh usage statistics.

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This is exactly what that means:

So what should I do? :man_shrugging:t3:

Ask Aqara if there is another way to clear the power consumption without completely resetting the plug to factory settings.

Are you sure that it’s the device that is tracking its power consumption and not Homey?

Hm, I’m not sure. But if he asks Aqara, then he knows it anyway. Or he asks the developer of the Aqara app.