[Requests] Homey Pro Community App Requests

What is the brand:

Flume Water

What is/are the device(s)/service for type:


  • Leak Sensor
  • Bridge for WiFi Access

What kind of category/signal(s) would the app use:

  • IP (Local/Cloud/WiFi);

Is there an (public) API / documentation / manual(s) or known (other) implementations (like Blogs/Github etc)?

The Flume Personal API is a way for customers to consume their water usage data and integrate it with other SmartHome Hubs and/or Services. Use of the Flume API is only intended for those that have previous API experience.

You will have access to your:

  • Water Usage Data with flexible querying

  • Water Budgets

  • Notifications

API Type: REST, Cloud to Cloud

API Authentication: OAuth2 Password Grant

For more information check out our API Guides and interactive API Route Documentation

Link to HA Implementation GitHub: core/homeassistant/components/flume at dev · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Are you willing to loan or donate to a developer?

  • Yes, loan a device
  • Yes, donate money €/$/£

Extra information:

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