REQUEST! more selectable times with Zone Activity

I use the zone activity a lot in my flows, but some times i need for example 2 min instead of 1 or 5 min.

So wish to have more different selecteble times, or even better that you can give up any time you want.

For now its very limmeted. See pic

Please if you want this to, then just like the post instead of reply wih +1. Ofcourse usefull reactions are welcome



+1 Would want that too

Long time ago I’ve made a feature request for it by Athom. Just like the delay function.
In mine opinion low hanging fruit, for a flexible Homey automatisation.

Perhaps it’s an idea to add a delay of 1 minute in your THEN actions and select 1 minute for the zone?

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Thks for thinking in solutions :+1:i know how to workaround this :grinning:

But this is not the topic for it, its for to make a request for implementing this. See the first post.

Would like the possibility to link it to a logic variable.