[Request] Homey app + Shortcuts; start every flow (non favourites)

Athom, could you please consider to start non favourite flows from Apple’s Shortcuts? I have so many flows as favourite (to start them from shortcuts).
When I start them from shortcuts I do not really start them from the Homey app, so it’s quite strange to mark a flow as favourite to use them in Shortcuts, right!?

As an alternative, you can use HomeKitty’s Flow Starter devices to trigger flows from Shortcuts:

  • create a new Flow Starter device
  • create a new flow that is triggered by the flow starter device
  • create a new Shortcut with action “Control homekitty” which turns on the flow starter device

I just migrated from HomeyKit to HomeKitty this morning. I will look into this.
But do I need a Flow starter device for every flow I want to start? Because moving 20 favourite flows to 20 Flow starter devices isn’t the best option (that would be to be able to start every flow).

Yes :frowning:

It should work with a temporary favorite.
Marke a low as favorite.
Create a shortcut.
Unmark from favorites.

Should work because the favorite just includes the flow id.