Receive status update knx switch in Homey


I am still somewhat new to Homey and my knx system and need some help on receiving a status update on homey when pressing a knx switch.

I am using a knx system based on Gira switches and Ets inside. My aim is to launch a flow in homey when a physical switch button is pressed. I have setup the switch in homey and assigned the switch group address and the status group address. Changing the switch status from homey works perfectly . I am receiving the messages in my knx system accordingly. However homey does not recognize any activity when the physical switch is pressed. Also the status of the switch in homey is not getting updated. I ran the diagnosis in ETS insure and do receive the messages of the physical switch there.

Any ideas on what I need to do differently?



Hi Jeroen,
I had the same issue.
The problem with my setup was that I added a KNX switch in Homey and added the status group address afterwards.
Deleted the switch and added a KNX light in Homey solved the issue for me.
Hope this helps!

Hi Jeroen
I am facing the same issue, have you found a solution?
Thanks in advance

You are right, this might work…BUT:

A switch is a switch and and a light is a light.

If you use the switch as light it might be fine. If you use ist for everything else it might be a problem, if it shows up as a light f.e. within Alexa, because it will be connected as light and might be powered off, when you group the device as lights as well.

I might have a closer look at KNX implementation within the next days. It might work if you “play” with the flags of the group addresses of the switch, so that you do not need a separate status object. Just have a few minute experience by know. Playing around for a couple of minutes yesterday and found out the same problems, too.


I have the same problem.

I got ETS Inside yesterday and have been trying to get one of the KNX switches, that aren’t binded, to start flows in Homey.
My existing lights works both ways and updates statuses KNX <-> Homey
But the new switch only updates in KNX. I have tried adding the switch as a switch and as a light. I have also tried making the switch a scene switch. But so far nothing works.
In ETS Inside’s diagnostic, I can see what Homey is doing but Homey doesn’t receive the status updates.

You are right, inserted the switches as lights by now. I use them with alexa and there it does not make a difference between switch an light. Both show up as light just like in HA Bridge which I like to replace by the homey.