Raised bed including garage for robomower and irrigation control

Planning :

Building up a raised bed with a compartment for irrigation control / electricity and a garage for the robomower.


  • Irrigation control should be easily accessible. You don’t get younger, so no dislocation of any body parts needed during working :slight_smile:
  • Robomower charging station (Gardena R40i) has to be included
  • Sight protection, so everybody outside couldn’t watch and entrance should be closeable because of weather → installation of an electrical blind
  • Power supply for
    • Irrigation control
    • solenoid valve
    • Blind
    • Lighting
    • Osram Gardenspots
    • 2x Reserve


  • DYI timber work or buy a Karibu Hochbeet “2” 173x82x89 (maybe only available in Germany)

  • 5x solenoid valve Hunter 24V 101 NC

  • Transformator 24V

  • Water Distribution (Rainbird)

    • 1: Sprinklers (three) South
    • 2: Sprinklers (two) West
    • 3: Hedge Gardena Microdrip
    • 4: Terrace Gardena Microdrip
    • 5: Raised bed Gardena Microdrip
  • 3x Fibaro 222 Switch

  • 3x Gardena Microdrip System

  • 2x Lawn with Rain Bird sprinklers

  • electrical blind incl

  • Qubino Shutter Z-Wave Module

  • LED lighting for robomower

  • moisture proof equipment for electrical wiring

  • parts for canopy

  • Pond liner 0.5mm


  • Foundation (Grit and conctrete panels) :white_check_mark:
  • Substructure :white_check_mark:
  • Superstructure :white_check_mark:
  • Installation electrical equipment (tbd)
  • Installation robomower charging platform :white_check_mark:
  • Installation blind :white_check_mark:
  • Installation lighting (tbd)
  • Installation irrigation (tbd)





Amazon Shopping Card if needed, please feel free to post below.


inlet and substructure

Installation Blind

Front closed + blind installed

Compartment irrigation and power supply

  • Distribution box installed on a wooden panel
  • electrical connections are on the side away from the water

not to bee seen:

  • partition wall between water and power distribution box
  • Panel for Mircodrip prefilter

Affixing of pond liner

  • should be a really warm day, so pond liner gets more flexible
  • try to be wrinkle-free :slight_smile:
  • sink as water outlet
  • i fixed the pond liner with a panel and small elbows

Filled up with soil and plants it looks like this:

It’s raining again:

Water distribution, valves below. On the upper left the fertiliser device for the raised bed and Microdrip prefilter.

First tought: the sprinklers cause pressure shocks at the system when moving up. Think the necessary pressure has to be reached.

So i will program both sprinkler circuits not one after the other. Instead i will take one circuit with the microdrip system inbetween.

Electrical wiring :

Not very nice at the moment :slight_smile: Installation with Wago terminals just for testing.

Will be rewired after testing.

Wiring diagram:

Update Automower: integrated head-/rear lights.

Not really necessary, but a nice to have :slight_smile:

The mower won’t drive during night time, so hedgehogs are still save.


Great @Tequila329! I will adapt some parts of your project.

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Feel free to do so! :slight_smile:

Posted a small update:

  • water distribution
  • electrical wiring
  • mower upgrade

Add the wiring diagram for the Fibaro devices…

The plants love it :smile:

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