Quickly updating firmware on IKEA devices, then readding them to Homey

Ok, just to be clear - I haven’t done much research other than seeing if there were any guides available. I did that on purpose, as I didn’t want to rush into this if there are any pitfalls someone else has already found :wink: I hope that’s ok.

Now, all my IKEA devices are added directly to Homey, and none of them have updated firmware. As I understand, some IKEA devices have really old firmware installed, so I was planning on upgrading all my light bulbs and sockets, and then upgrade any new devices before I add them in the future.

So…what’s the easiest way to remove them from Homey without breaking flows, updating them through the IKEA gateway and then readding them? I was thinking something like the following:

  • Replace the device with a virtual device
  • Remove the device from Homey
  • Add it to IKEA (do I need a switch for this, or should a reset of the device get it in pairing mode?)
  • Update it from the IKEA gateway (is there a function to check for new firmware, or do I need to wait for the gateway to do it at specific intervals? Or will it upgrade firmware on adding the device?)
  • Remove the device
  • Reset the device
  • Add it to Homey
  • Replace the virtual device with the real device

Any tips? Anything I should be aware of?

Thanks! If I don’t hear anything by the end of today I will just jump into it and use the opportunity to learn some new swear words in Spanish or something. Great chance for some immersive language learning :thinking::rofl:

I do not know exactly how it works with updating the IKEA devices.
But when tou remove a device and add it again it will get another ID and the flows are broken.
But if you write down the used ID, remove the device, add it again and write down the new ID then use this script from @martijnpoppen
It is better to copy/paste the ID’s.
You can also add multiple ID’s at once.

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Thanks! This will come in handy later :slight_smile: As for Ikea, it seems if you don’t delete the device it will just magically reappear when adding it again :smiley: