Question about replacing the 2023 box

I would like to know if one day my 2023 Homey stops working and I have to buy a new one, can I restore a backup from the old one to the new one? Will it work even though it has a different motherboard and serial number? Or will I have to start everything from scratch, including re-adding modules and recreating flows?

You better use cloud backups

That makes backups automatically everyday and is made for it.

I have not verified if the local backups work on same model with other serials but if there is some sort of minor hw revision, you never know until the revision is there.

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My apologies, I forgot to mention that I already have the cloud backup subscription. So, my question was: is it possible to restore a cloud backup on the new box, even if the motherboard identifier is different?

No problem,
you can migrate even from Homey (now Pro) (Early 2016) with one Core/512MB or Homey Pro (Early 2019) with Dual Core/1024MB to a complete different Model CPU in a Homey Pro (Early 2023) with a CM4 Raspberry Pi or even Replace the CM4 … (see Unofficial Homey MODS (that can brick your Homey and can/will void your Warranty!) )

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