PWA integration with Homey

Hi Team;
I’m Laeeq and working on one of the IoT projects. We are developing the system and in system we have one feature for users to connect any device from any vendor in our application by using the HomeAssistant Hub. We are also using the nabucasa remote access to connect the HA with our system through the apis.
I just got the information about Homey and want to know the system. How can we use Homey for this option to connect any z wave, ble etc devices with our system and what are the prons of Homey over the Home Assistant. It would be great if you can guide me in detail.


Anny progress with this project?

yes. Right now we are using Home Assistant HUB instead of Aeotec.

Hi Laeeq,
Here you can find lots of Q & A about Homey 2023