Problems: Popp 004001 - Smoke Detector and Siren

Sounds like the same problems indeed. De CO detector does give the sabotage alarm. I can’t test it with real CO though.


Today I received my CO sensor. I have returned 2 deliveries last week, because both the 10 years CO sensors that were delivered, were fabricated in 2017. Seems some other suppliers also have only the CO sensor with production date in 2017 in stock, so I finally accepted that they were produced in 2017 and not this or last year.

I can confirm that for me the tamper alarm of the CO sensor is working.

I have reported3 issues to Marco Ruiter via his Popp github repository

  1. Description and icons of CO detector shows CO2 instead of CO (004407)
  2. Tamper alarm of 10 year smoke detector and siren (009402) does not work
  3. Smoke alarm of 10 years smoke detector and siren does trigger flow ( 009402 )
    I mentioned, that I myself could not test, but that you have tested this with a test smoke can.

Let’s hope he finds time to look into these issues.

My device info of the 10 years smnoke detector and siren is as follows:
I am using Popp app version v2.0.12

My device id and other info is:
(Info shown in:
Driver homey:app:com.popp — 009402
zw_manufacturer_id | “340”
zw_product_type_id | “4”
zw_product_id | “4”
zw_secure | “✓”
zw_battery | “⨯”
zw_device_class_basic | “BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE”
zw_device_class_generic | “GENERIC_TYPE_SENSOR_NOTIFICATION”
zw_device_class_specific | “SPECIFIC_TYPE_NOTIFICATION_SENSOR”
zw_firmware_id | “271”
zw_application_version | “1”
zw_application_sub_version | “15”
zw_hardware_version | “1”

Is this the same as yours?

Yes, that’s the same as mine.

For the CO the tamper works indeed, the rest doesn’t. For the smoke detector only the alarm works.

I do not think the CO sensor has the ability to report the temperature. At lease I am not able to find that it can do so.

Could be, but then the indicator for temperature should be removed from the app.

I have also asked Marco Ruiter if the CO sensor can report temperature.
If it can not, it should be removed from the Homey device page and if it can, then he should make it work.

You can follow these issues via:

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