[Pro][Dashboard] SmartDash - a dashboard for Homey

v 0.230903.1

  • fixed weather forecast screensaver
  • added generic capability widget

Is there also camera support ?

Image ?

Hi, currently not because i don’t have compatible devices.
If you send me json of this devices i can study it!

Hi, you can add a virtual camera device (from “Homey” in app selection - experiments turned on on HP19).
Then add any weather URL like


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Ok, i check it!
For external images/cameras i can add a widget for it. Stay tuned!

v 0.230903.3

v 0.230904.1

v 0.230906.1

Ronny! I tried with the Dutch Buienradar, but the URL gets rejected and I don’t get the error msg?
Any ideas?

Your URL opens a html page, not the GIF itself.

You need a URL that provides a GIF as result to add it as virtual camera URL.

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v 0.230907.1

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v 0.230908.1

  • added ability to cloning and hiding a widget

v 0.230908.2

  • testing widget iframe

New app coming to playstore

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Finally new app is available on playstore. See first post!

v 0.230915.3

Fixed some widget layout

v 0.230916.1

Fixed some layout
Restored thermostat widget

Can you (or @Peter_Kawa ) help me out how to find that gif reference for Buienradar. Can’t find it via the developer console.


Google found this one :slight_smile:


And I found a dynamic one where you can set your lan/lon coordinates and zoom/size. Just try different zoom and size settings to get an overview.