Presence triggers when app is opened

Hi, presence only triggers when I open the app.
So if I arrive at home nothing is happening until i open the app on the phone, then I get the message “usewr arrived at home” same when I leave home. Is this something that will be fixed in the feature?
Yes settings privacy enable home/away is on.


known issue, the app gets closed in your phone to save energy probably…

That depends on the OS, on iOS that is not an issue.
I can force close all apps and presence detection keeps working for them, except for the Homey V2 app. To stay close to home, even the Homey V1 app does that without a problem.

Well, using the latest version of iOS and Homey I need to state that the issue occurs here as well. All the time.
Perhaps it’s really something in the (missing?) background communication between iOS and the App… :thinking:

Today a new version (2.6.1) of the iOS app is published in TestFlight, containing improvements for presence detection based on the user’s location

I hope this fixes the issue, it would make me very happy!

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And? Whats the result after some testing? Does it work properly now? :slight_smile:

Until now it has been working flawless for me! (Knock on wood :wink: )

Time to switch back from IFTTT then :slight_smile:

I’m using presence detection from the Home App of IOS now with a virtual device in Homey and let this virtual device switch between my presence with Homekit.
Works flawless for months now.

Will test the update to see if if this work around can be deactivated

Worked wel but it stoped working for now. Mabey because i am using a IOS 13 beta version?

As its been a while here:
Did you guys test it w/ the latest versions now? 3.0 and the according App (beta)?

I was nagging as well and using workarounds w/ tado and NUKI and AppleHomeKit (perhaps these are feeding Homey in the bg) but as of now - knock knock knock - it improved and works well.