Presence detection by bluetooth (garmin smartwatch)


I’d like to set up a bluetooth connection to a smartwatch, and when that watch is nearby then set a person to being present. When the bluetooth device is not found for x time then set someone to not being present.
Can this be done?

With kind regards

That would have been nice as I have the Garmin Venu. However I don’t think there is a Garmin app for homey at least not in the current homey app store . Also the range from a garmin watch to a mobile phone is very limited. Not more than 4 meters i think. But the idea would have been great.

The range might just be sufficient, my wife often does not know where her phone is, but does wear her watch. It does not matter much where she keeps it, she still gets the notifications. The change is so great that since she wears it I can actually contact her, and if she once again misplaced her phone she generally calls back within minutes instead of not noticing that she missed a call/sms/whatsapp/…

I figure that if she gets within 4 meters of the homey, that might just be sufficient for presence detection. Say that if you get within 4 meters of Homey at least once every 2 hours you remain present. Then place the Homey on some location that you are likely to come within 4 meters of at least once every 2 hours when at home.

I do not think you will ever get that to work 100%. The Garmin watch uses BLE and as soon as it is connected to your phone, it stops advertising itself. That means other devices won’t be able to detect its presence.

Note that the watch may or my not keep its connection to the phone open at all times. That’s why I said “not work100%” - it may work when the connection to the phone is temporarily down. Though that means it won’t be able to receive notifications in a timely measure either.

So, the most likely answer is: “sorry, not possible”.