Power Plugs

One of the items which has given then best WAF has been added smart plugs to our electric blankets, which turn on when its a cold night.

However we bought a new electric blanket today and smart plugs/switches will not work with it. So I am looking for suggestions on what to use them on.

They wont work with the Coffee Machine / Washer or Dryer and Lamps all have Hue Bulbs.

You’ve pretty much overruled all the best use of such plugs :grinning:

I also have them on my TVs together with the whole entertainment system, as well as to my Sonos speakers. When leaving for holidays house goes into holiday state and all those plugs turn off for saving power.
Another one to all my networking (NAS, switch router, surveillance cameras PoE etc) in case I need to restart them for any reason (won’t work if your smart plug is Wifi)
My fridge has one and in case of a kitchen flood I turn it off since it sits on the floor (the fridge not the plug)
And finally, I have some old plugs which I use them once a year for the Christmas lights.

Maybe the above can give you some inspiration…