Power camera via ceiling lamp

Exactly my point. In pipe installation it’s harder to dissipate heat from the wire so wire has to be thicker. But like you said 1.5 power minimum if you are installing it directly in the wall.

We don’t do that in Holland.

Big difference then in the cross section. One more question, your houses from which materials are they usually? Drywall or brick wall?

All kind of types but mostly brick or concrete.

Hm, interesting then but ok that is really just the way of doing things. In drywall you usually see pipes as a rule. In brick we still see directly in the wall but yes pipes are always a good choice.

We put them all in pipes, no matter where they are in the house. But again, like u also said: if u don’t know what ur doing, don’t do it! And I know. My apartment burned down because of bad electric wiring (not done by me btw). My youngest daughter gladly could escape at the last moment but man that is scary!!

Uf, hard shit man… I’m planning for the same fear install in the next months min 3 fibaro or netatmo smokes around apartment.

Had some smoke detectors hanging around and got a message on me phone but was like 7 miles away from home. Don’t ever wanna go through that again!

Sorry one question more, what exactly happend, short circuit somewhere? How did they shorted?

Bad wiring under her “stapelbed” of which I didn’t know it was even there. She did some cleaning of boxes under her bed and then took a shower. When she got out her room (next to the bathroom) was alr on fire. But I think some wires not properly fixed together. I know it has nothing to do with using black wire as if it was brown but u need to know a little of it before u start using this dangerous kind of jobs.

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So for ontopic answer: In Holland we made rules for it and it’s against the rules and not recommended!

Wire thickness is not an issue in this case, leave it as is.
The outdoor connection was designed for a (more than) 40W bulb.
You are replacing it by a smart bulb (not more than 10W) and a camera (5W)

So the load is reduced with >50%.
So this solution reduces the risk of overheating because of load.

I agree with the above mentioned: if you do not know what you are doing: don’t mess with it.