Plex Webhooks

Hi, since Plex Notify has been removed from the Appstore I’m looking for alternatives. I have a Plex Pass so I can use Webhooks to send data to Homey. I have tried to use the WebHook manager… but don’t seem to get it working. I just want to be notified when Plex starts playing something and then use this as input for a flow to dimm the lights.

I use this info on Plex:

And use this in Homey:

How do you receive the webhook from plex? Maybe you can post that to. The event name can you give it another name? In my first try with webhooks the event name was the problem. I used spaces in the name which was not possible. So maybe you can give the event the name; mediaplay. And ofcourse this eventname must also be used in the sending of the webhook.

You need Plex Pass for that:

I don’t have a Plex Pass (as you know :wink:) but for Siri Shortcuts I use

And the HTTP request GET card with tag

I use the app locative with webhooks and Homey. This is the webhook I use

Probably your webhook should be something like;

Your flow would be something like;
WHEN receiving Webhook, event Plex
AND logic is Plexplay

A = your homey id