I have a question about WebHook. Please help me

I am linking Homey through HTTP REST API.

I would like to receive a WebHook event happening on the homey app.

I referred to this link, Looking at this link, it looks like you’re creating a WebHook in that cloud and delivering the event.

But I don’t want to deliver the event, I want to receive the event that is happening in the app.
What should I do? Help me

If you want to receive a webhook event sent to the Homey you should create a flow, add the “then”-card for webhook (a logic card). If you hover the mouse oer the information icon on the card you will see the webhook adress to use.

It’s my first time working with Homey API… is webhook flow different from normal homey flow?

If it’s anything else, do you know how to make webhook flow?

Thank you.

Hover the mouse pointer over the small (i) in the webhook card to see the address.
You may do the same for standard flows.

What values are in the header and body?

Then, in order to receive the webhook, can the user register the flow one by one like this to receive it?

No header or body, just use event and tag as shown in the (i).

Yes, for each event you want to receive you create a flow (or for advanced flows, use the same by adding a new “when” card).
If you will use the same event but different tags you only need to add an “and” card from logic; if tag contains tag-name then do something.

Do try.

If you want to receive more data-items at ones, have a look at this app: