Please "Do-Not-Disturb" and/or "Whisper" mode & (maybe "ALARM" mode) to general Status like Home/Not Home & Awake/Sleeping

I use amazon alexa but also google Home assistant in my Home. I prefer Alexa (in German) by the way.
I am Dutch.

Alexa has whispering mode but the most appreciated mode is her "Do-Not-Disturb"mode.
It would be a big step ahead if athom could implement an overal or even better by room and/or user “Do-Not-Disturb” and "Whisper(ing)"mode.

Whisper(ing mode) would every sound/volume set to a specified (relative to not whisper volume) lower percentage in that room.
Do-Not-Disturn Mode would prevent any sound in a room and any notification of any kind in that room or to any user.
(ALARM Mode (on YES) overall or in a room would superceed DnD in certain cases/conditions or room or with a certain user or (group of) device(s).

I’ve currently done/ I am doing/making something similar at the moment with many flows and logic & better logic variables.

Ps; a sleep/awake mode per (sleeoping)room is next on my list to add/implement. :wink:

What do you think about this ?

The alexa App has these abilities :