Philips TV no AND option in the flow

Hello all,

I have added both philips apps, but the Lucas version cannot be found on the TV, even when I enter the IP address. if i run the test i get a blank white page and no json?
If I use the version of Athom then I can turn the TV on or off but I can’t use an AND option?
According to the documentation, this should be possible. Do you have an idea what this could be?

Thank you Wilco

So Why not check in the App Topic?

What API versions did you Check?

There is also a test version.
Did you tried that one?

Only url is getting a blank page.

The tv is from 2022 Its the 55PUS8887/12


Same this app wont find the tv. Manual add IP-adres. Then I got a error

Then you better can ask it in the television topic off this app.