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Personalize buttons

I just want to sugges to make it posible change the looks, size, and organisation of buttons in the phone application.
A on/off button for the light or a senario button now take a lot of place on the screen and make me scroll a lot on my first page. would be nice if there was a smaller button option.

Can u tell us what Phone app ur using and why u think that would be the same with the new upcoming app? We are soon to get a whole new mobile app so i don’t think they are gonna change much to the excisting mobile apps. If u still think u want to make any suggestions to this, here’s the place to be.

Thanks for fast replay! :slight_smile:
I am using 2.4.10 Build 82 version.
Then I wait and hope it is all different in the new app.

That’s all we can do for now. I know as much as u do so am hoping with u.