Permanent Christmas LEDs with variable pattern

We’ve currently got some scaffolding up at the front of our house and my wife has suggested I fit some permanent LEDs for Christmas while it’s up.

It’s not something I’ve looked into but most of the solutions I find online seems to be some complex setup using wled etc (which might be fine) but I’m struggling to find simple instructions

Equally we only have the scaffolding for another week so whatever I decide needs to be available on Amazon so it’ll arrive by the weekend!

Can anyone suggest a good but simple way of doing this?


I have been using Twinkly for a few years now in our tree (indoor). They have several products: strings, strips, tubes, curtains and icicles. There’s also an app available for Homey. The app is a bit limited: it can only switch the lights on and off, but it works. :slight_smile:

They looked quite good (if a little pricey) until I realised that they are indoor only :frowning:

They have an IP44-rating, which (according to some sites) can also be used for outdoors.
IP44 should be able to withstand small drops of water, so they might be usable if you can cover them a bit.

No way am I sticking something less than IP65 up for a permanent setup at 8m high!

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Actually supports dimming too and be assured there are more features to come in future :smiley:

Does not help the OP though. Sorry.

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Been looking further info the wled setup and it seems to be reasonably easy (tho by no means plug and play)
There are a few bits that hurt my head, but overall think it might work for what I need…!

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