Patio heater


Is there a brand of patio heater that works via the homey?

I guess not, but a normal infrared patio heater with only one heating level can be switched on and off with a Smart Plug or a relay for example.
But the important thing is, that the maximum wattage of the infrared heater must match the maximum wattage consumption of the Smart Plug.

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I have got a solamagic which works with Somfy RTS and so works with Homey.

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Marcel, could you please explain how? I have 2 solamagics S1 with rts dim modules and a remote control. I would like to control them trough homey.

In my case the solarmagic was added to my remotecontrol from somfy. As this has the RTS protocol you are able to add it with the Somfy RTS app. I think i have chosen for adding it as a sunscreen. I use the up and down buttons to turn the heater on and off.