Output tags


In relation to my question in the “questions” section I am pitching for the following feature:

It would be great if itt was possible to do more with the output of a card - eg the status of an action (success, no success) or a string that contains relevant output.

In a way, this is already covered by tags in many cards, but the reason I am asking is that I am specifically missing this in the Emulate cared, which has a lot of intelligence behind it to come up with useful output. As suggested it would also be interesting to be able to adopt flows to the status of a previous card.

Thank you in advance.

Welcome, Remarkable, that people that have done “Read 17m” already ask for extension of the capability of Homey, but it is allowed of course, therefore you have to contact Athom them selves, this is only a Community-forum, and Athom is not reading a lot here.
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You can make a feature request via this form. Could you fill out the form so we can add your feature request to our list

Thank you for the link to the form. I’ll go ahead an post the feature request :slight_smile: