Do Cards have an outtput?


I have configured a flow with the telegram app handing over the input to the Emulate card. This allows me to give commands to homey using Telegram. This works amazingly well and brings a lot of conveniences. What I’m struggling with is to also get answers to questions (eg. “What is the temperature in the house”. “is anybody home?”).

Asking a question on telegram does not output an answer and from what I can see, the Emulate card does not provide any output. Is there a way to get output from Cards (either success/no-success, or a string?).

Thank you in advance! Try this setup and use homey in your Teelgarm family group. It’s a great addition :slight_smile:


If I understand you right you want achieve following.

By sending a text to the Telegram Bot like “Temperature Living room”
And Telegramm should Answer “The Temperature in living room is 21”, right?

In this case a Flow can looks like this one.

For each Answer you want get from Telegram you need one Flow. There is not a generic way.

For the question “Is anybody at home” it’s a little bit more complicated. You will need additionally some Text Variables and Flows to get it working.

Hi Osorkon,
Thank you for sharing this approach! I did consider this, but I was hoping there would be a more generic way. This would require less flows, allow for more flexibility in how you formulae the request, and make the flow instantly usable for all devices (existing and future).

The only thing missing to accomplish this is a tag with the output in the Emulate card. That was also my reason for posting this question because in think in general it would be great have more opportunities to use output tags in homey (but especially in the Emulate card).

For now i will go with the approach you proposed. :slight_smile: