Onkyo app not in sync

After the last update on Homey (4.0), the app is not working anymore for me, tried rebooting homey, reinstall the device. reinstall the app but nothing.

It finds the devices and install it, but no respond when i try to do anything, online timeout…

is’t a known problem? or just me?

Nope, running just fine on 4.0 no problems ( with sometime a timeout) on my TX-NR626

Wich version do you run,? can you try it with latest test version

If the new version isn;t working also can you run it in CLI and send me the logs by PM?

Tried the latest beta app, but did’t solve the problem for me.

Don’t find how to send PMs, and how do i send the log? true the app in homey?

What i have noticed is that the app lost his connection. When i restart the app then its working perfect. After a while it doesn’t work again.

Click on the avatar and click “message”…

The problem from @DjTail is solved by firmware update of the onkyo receiver.
This wasn’t in the latest release