Official support for camera

Please… add official support for 1 or 2 cameras out there that doesn’t relay on a subscription… or at the very least recommend some and have a guide on how to add/connect them… this is getting ridiculous… Step up!

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If you would have read the welcome post, you would notice that a request should be asked directly to athom. As you would understand they cant read every single post on the forum.

sure… or asked to all of the camera vendors out there… :smiley:
Sorry… I’m just frustrated at them moment… Features like this should not be released semi tested/working :wink: This day and age a product like Homey needs to be more user friendly when it comes to thinks like this :slight_smile:

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English please🙃

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Agreed… finding a camera that

  1. Is for outdoors
  2. Wifi
  3. Compatible with homey

Turned out to be… not that easy…
Now in defence of Homey the camera manufactures are also to blame but I would also not say that Athom/Homey is off the hook…

Providing a few apps (1 or 2) to different vendors/manufactures would do much good for the Homey community and surely place the platform at the top 3 :slight_smile:

Exactly what I’m NOT looking for :wink:

Then my english is not what i thought it is. Maybe explane what you exact want, becauae even when there is no app made, you can ad a lot of IP camera’s.

I have a foscam camera and do NOT have the app installed and yet i use it to send me pictures to phones and stream live to different chromecast in different scenes.

If this is NOT what you are looking for then what?

What I would like it just to have some offical recommended cams… and maybe guides for how to add them… I have tried 2 IP cams and none of them was straight forward and just add ip (with username and password)…

I’m not saying that this is Homeys/Athoms fault… I just wish for better guidance in this area :slight_smile:
(and judging from our Swedish Homey facebook group MANY others are in similar need) :slight_smile:

So the two ip cams do not work with homey? What are the brands of those 2. Maybe someone can help?
mostly when you can enter a http url in your webbrowser to show a picture it is possible to enter that same url in Homey and sent pictures in your flows.

One was of the brand “Deltaco”… the other I forgot… I was in contact with their support but did not manage to solve it… I’m a developer by profession and do understand how this works… I just dont have time (or money :wink: ) to sit and randomly try cameras out.

My point is that if there would have been a list of cameras from Athom then I would not have needed to buy those cameras that was not working with Homey :slight_smile:

I just want a list and guides on how to add them… and app is not a requirement :slight_smile: