Not able to select global tokens/tags

I’m creating an app that has global tokens. For the time beeing I create then statically at init. Later on there will be dynamic tags.

The problem is that these tags cannot be selected using the Logic When card. They are shown in the list with correct names and values, and can be clicked in the list as well. But when UI goes back to the display of the card, nothing is shown in the card.

No error messages in the debug output of the app (I guess that it is the internal homey Logic “app” that runs any code that does not come thru.

Any Idea why this might happen?

I just found the answer myself. The token id contained characters that was [ and ]

Apparently that is not allowed. Is there any info somewhere what chars are allowed for differens fields in the SDK?

I don’t think there is any documentation about this. You could post an issue here, hopefully Athom will be able to tell you which characters are allowed and disallowed. You could also suggest if they’d consider throwing an exception when trying to create tokens that contain disallowed characters.

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