No local access to Homey when my home is offline

Having issues accessing Homey when my home’s fibre connection is offline. Local network and wifi works as usual but connecting to Homey with the app (both old and semi new one, not the newest 2.0 beta) is impossible. Have I done any configuration mistake somewhere or is it supposed to be like this?
Homey firmware 1.15. IOS 12.
I’m getting desperate…

I found it out on homey v2 beta.
It seems it affects v1 too.
Already wrote to Athom support about it.
You should write too and I believe they’ll fix it

You should write too and I believe they’ll fix it

Hi and thanks
How do I do that?

There is athom support:

Thanks, much helpful!

Do you know the internal IP adres you’re router had assigned to homey? If so you can access it using that on the browser.

Thanks, i just discovered this option by myself
Not as handy as the app but it works =)
Tnx again!

Tested and described my experience here:

For now only tested it on Homey v2.0.0
Please continue there if there are additional questions.