Niko switch (friend of Hue)


Niko offers these nice zigbee switches (also battery-free):

a-Would someone be able to tell me if these switches could talk to homey, to be used as a scene selector? Preferably NOT via the Hue bridge, but directly to Homey (due to the delay i expect it to have otherwise)
b- i would use it as a switch to arm/disarm the alarm system, but do that with a combination of pressing the 4 available switches (for instance press the top left once, and 2 times the bottom right means alarm goes off) like that i have a entry security access system, without it looking like one. Would that functionality work via homey?

Thanks in advance for your help!


I was also wondering if someone was building an app to support these.
Would like to apply these in my house as I have Niko switches already and these would not disrupt the look and feel.