Nighttime / daytime

I am experimenting nighttime and daytime with 2 flows, see below.
But it doesn’t matter what time it is, it is always the flow to the right (nighttime) who runs. Any idé why or any known problem with nighttime and daytime variables?

What happens when you replace the daytime and nighttime with times?

I guess RVQRAT have the same problem as me. Åre is a bit north in Sweden (63degN), I live in Florø, Norway 60degN. In summer between 3.june and 8.july we don’t have nautical night (which seems to be the definition of night in Homey). Homey doesn’t handle this, and behaves as if it is always night…
I have no idea where to adress the problem…

You can submit a support request:

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@RVQRAT @B_T Was this resolved?

Here’s a table I put together after getting more info from Homey support: