Nieuwe Kaku zigbee dimmer plug

Looks interesting!!! Hopefully support in time by homey

Interesting, but it’s 433 MHz and not Zigbee.

@Henk_Renting just have a look.

Thanks for pointing this out to me, @fantross!
I already have the (more bulky) oder dimmer plugs from KAKU, but would rather get rid of 433 and use Zigbee…
Still, nice pruduct!

Okay, I remembered you because we were writing about dimmer plugs the other day.

this one is sure zigbee, should even work with Hue but only “on of” not the dimmer version. Maybee thatone is comming.
I also would rather get rid oft the 433.

That would be nice. There are Zigbee wall plugs plenty around. Now waiting for a Zigbee wall plug dimmer…

Indeed for now only the 433 mhz on the market. Realy want the zigbee version of it.
send them a message if the zigbee version dimmer is comming

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Okay, that’s definitely more interesting. But in the first link the dimmer plug is marked as 433 MHz:

i know now i was too enthousiastic

:joy: :+1:t4:

Keep us posted! Interested here too!

reaction KaKu,
"they are looking in to it, but he could not guarantee anything yet " :unamused:

Thx for letting know, @Ype.
Perhaps you might wanna change the topic title, since it is no Zigbee device… :slight_smile:

De link verwijst net naar de verkeerde swirtch, voor Zigbee zie
Trouwens zie ook Zigbee schakelaars, rookmelders etc. helaas worden die niet door de homey ondersteund.