NFC tag learning

I would like a lamp to turn on (Tuya) when I scan an NFC tag (NTAG216) with a smartphone (IPhone) in a certain place (kitchen) and I would also like that as soon as this happens I would receive a notification by email and would also be very helpful well since when it says the date and time when it was done. And it has to work in such a way that as soon as I scan the NFC tag, it is executed in the background without any confirmation (perhaps once and forever) and I only receive a short vibration on my cell phone as confirmation that it has gone through.

My problem is that I don’t want to perform this task with Shortcuts because it doesn’t work properly.

Are there other ways I can solve this problem?

Or variant 2 if the above cannot be implemented. When I scan an NFC tag, a light turns on and it is saved/marked in some file on my cell phone, for example. carried out on December 12th, 2024 at 12:12 p.m. in Berlin, Hauptbahnhof 1

If you have an iPhone currently you really only can do it with Shortcuts and then start a Homey Flow (but I would probably do the mail sending in the Shortcut). I find it to work pretty liable, but it sometimes takes 2-3 seconds for it to pick up the tag.

Also you can just look at the device history in homey to see when the light was turned on and by which flow/user/integration, or you can log a custom timeline entry.

Ahh ok, I probably expressed myself wrong =( sorry.

I’ll try to describe everything again in more detail!!!

So I have my NFC tag on a door, it is not at home but outside on a door in another house a few streets away. If I scan these with my cell phone, let’s just say an email with the exact location where I scanned them and the time and date should be sent by email.

We’ll just leave out the thing with the lamp.

Maybe you speak German? then maybe we can continue to talk in German? =)

I will send you a PM because usually you shouldn’t mix languages in the public threads, but basically everything you are describing is much easier to do with just a shortcut


Ok, thank you, I’ll wait then =)

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