NEXA/KlikAanKlikUit: Support for the device (NEXA) smoke detector FS-558/RF.

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Ive added my request for this device


Some mounth ago I sent in a request about Nexa smoke detector FS-558/RF. Anything new about this device?



Waiting for support myself. Please include Next FS-558/rf 433Mhz smoke detectors

Yes, the one at

There are several others at that are also awaiting support for this smoke detector.

Edit: I am able to include it as a KlikkAn KCT-510, but it does not trigger flows if the alarm is triggered.

I also still use and like the simplicity of the Kaku. You program the codes inside the device, copy the code to Homey and all works regardless of the other. Unfortunately, support for new devices are usually added on a slow and low priority pace. For sure like Roy is telling the more requests the faster the speed. They will for sure add new Kaku devices sooner or later but…

The biggest suggestion is do not buy something its not yet supported. You can be in the queue for quite some time.

Any news about FS-558?
(I have made a request)

it seems still no support for this device, so we probably have to give up?