New device Nodon Zigbee

Please add the new Zigbee micromodule devices from Nodon.

It works under Zigbee 3.0.

There is 3 devices (at the moment) :

  • ON/OFF Lighting Relay Switch
  • Multifunction Relay Switch
  • Roller Shutter Relay Switch

As I know, they are the only ones that are compatible Din Rail Box :
Din Rail Box

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you can buy them, then feel free to send them to me, as I can’t buy them anywhere yet it is kinda hard to implement.

Have been keeping up to date (waiting) on their zigbee lineup ever since they announced them 2 years ago or so.

they are not available yet. as I can read, by the end of may :

I know, was just insinuating that you are requesting support for devices that aren’t even available yet.

And with covid still around i do expect some delays.

The new Nodon Zigbee products are now available on stock

Hi guys,

any feedback on usage, reliability, REX this device ? I’m considering aquiring few of them to manage my electrical heating (the module SIN-4-FP-21)

Thanks !

Acc. to the info in the App Store, this device (SIN-4-FP-21) isn’t supported by the official NodOn app yet.
The only supported devices are:
– Lighting module (Ref SIN-4-2-20)
– Multifunction Module (Ref SIN-4-1-20)

So please contact NodOn and ask them, if they are willing to add the device.
Contact information can be found in the App Store.

Thanks for your feedback.
It’s really sad, because it’s currently the only device module in Zigbee available I see in the market to manage pilot wires…
I have contacted NodOn, to check it’s in their plans to integrate it, but i believe it’s not in their plans.

Just had a fast feedback.
Seems they heard the community, and this device is in the roadmap, but not firm date. They just said that it will be managed during the year.
Leroy Merlin sell this device under their own brand with their 20 euros box), so will buy this until Homey compatibility is covered, if they really do it as they say, and not in few years. At least I will be able to manage my heatings with the Enki app until I can automatise things in the best way in Homey.

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