New device Nodon Zigbee

Please add the new Zigbee micromodule devices from Nodon.

It works under Zigbee 3.0.

There is 3 devices (at the moment) :

  • ON/OFF Lighting Relay Switch
  • Multifunction Relay Switch
  • Roller Shutter Relay Switch

As I know, they are the only ones that are compatible Din Rail Box :
Din Rail Box

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you can buy them, then feel free to send them to me, as I can’t buy them anywhere yet it is kinda hard to implement.

Have been keeping up to date (waiting) on their zigbee lineup ever since they announced them 2 years ago or so.

they are not available yet. as I can read, by the end of may :

I know, was just insinuating that you are requesting support for devices that aren’t even available yet.

And with covid still around i do expect some delays.

The new Nodon Zigbee products are now available on stock