New design for Homey

To me it would be nice if the next version of Homey would be a miniature of the Evoluon building in Eindhoven NL.
For those who don’t know it; it’s a huge UFO shaped exposition building that was built by Philips (google pictures and you’ll agree).
I think Homey deserves a far more appealing design than the white ball. I visualize it already; a model like the Evoluon Transistor Radio (now a collectors item) with the lights around it!
As Homey is a Dutch product and has all to do with the future, it simply must look like the greatest and most futuristic building in the Netherlands I know.
By the way, evolve (which gave the Evoluon its name) suits Homey seamlessly.

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Who cares what it looks like… As long as it works. If you ask me I rather have better hardware in a ugly box housing then a nice ufo shape :alien::flying_saucer:


Dan toch liever het huidige ontwerp, ipv zo spaceship :grinning: Smaken verschillen nu eenmaal.

Then really would like the white ball design instead homey would look like a spaceship.
But everyone his own taste

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Exellent hardware is, of course, the most important, but as we say in the Netherlands; het oog wil ook wat (the eye wants to be pleased too). Perhaps make the Homey in two packages to please more people? It might boost sales a lot if customers have a choice.

English please :stuck_out_tongue:

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Design is the the last thing to consider in home automation area. It can be even invisible, locked and secured if possible, not to attract audience.
Reliability, compatibility, performance, range etc is far more critical. For design gadgets, there ii a plenty devices that can be connected to home automation hub.

Not needed, according a moderator who self is refussing to translate his englisch post in the dutch section​:grin::grin:

But iam not that diffecult so i will👍

And fast back ontopic before he is suppending my acount again for going off topic :joy::joy::joy:

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That would be grappig yes. Half a topic in Dutch and noone is complaining.


But if you want to use the IR LEDs you can’t hide Homey and believe it or not, there are persons who care for design and even who hate a white ball with the feet of a 50’s alarmclock in their living room. If there is a choice this can boost sales and so there is more money to spend at improvement of soft- and hardware. We are not talking of a device that should be connected to a Homey, but Homey itself. A product like Homey is not only for computernerds who don’t care about its looks but for any person who wants to have a house full of domotica.

Inderdaad funny. I vraag myself toch af when sometime iemand Homey per accident Huiselijk gaat callen… :stuck_out_tongue:

Who knows when there is a Homeyship? :wink: