Neue Homey Firmware und App Updates

Aber mit einem geklontem Gerät könnte es mit der Cloud & Co. etwas problematisch werden.

Ne GeräteId oder ähnliches müsste ja dann neu erzeugt werden oder man nutzt nur den stärkeren Klon.

Neue Homey iOS TestFlight App erhältlich:

Leider werden wie sooft keine näheren Details bekanntgegeben.
Das Problem mit den fehlenden Variablen und der falschen Darstellung der Apps auf dem iPad besteht nach wie vor.

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Homey Mobile App v7 Build 7.0.0 (1171)
Release should be available within the next hour for iOS and Android.


  • General: Updated haptic feedback for Android.
  • General: Added a message for Homey Pro 2023 beta and Homey mobile app beta.
  • General: Fixes a bug with accepting user invites.
  • General: Updated Android Location permission dialog.
  • Home: Updated header navigation for favorite Flows / devices.
  • Home: Guests can no longer remove timeline messages.
  • Devices: Add empty timeline placeholder.
  • Devices: Fixes camera aspect ratio and refresh.
  • Devices: Disable zone remove button when zone is populated.
  • Devices: Fixes zone icon in zone selection screen (Android).
  • Devices: Fixes device settings crash.
  • Devices: Updated button animations and haptic feedback, fixed pressed state bugs.
  • Integrations: Fixes shadow bug in header (Android).
  • Settings: Fixes spinning icons when enabling/disabling apps.
  • Settings: Fixes layout of app diagnostics.
  • Settings: Fixed button being displayed on top of address.
  • Settings: Fixes for enabling the presence detection switch.
  • Flows: Fixes for context menu (Android).
  • Flow: Fixed issue where the app would freeze when renaming a Flow.
  • Flow: Fixed issue where a Flow could not be renamed multiple times.
  • Flow: Fixed issue with updating favorite Flows.
  • Flow: Removed Flows/Folders are now updated instantly.
  • Batteries: Improved placeholder for empty batteries view.
  • Batteries: Batteries without percentage are now displayed below others.
  • Devices: Fixed routing for adding Flows from within device controls.
  • Premium: Fixed a bug in subscribing to Homey Premium and locked Flow cards.

Wo hast Du das her? Aus dem Developer Kanal auf Slack?



…ich wart noch eine Weile, bevor ich meinem Tablet das wieder antue. Ohne neuen Homey, kann ich mir das noch erlauben :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Homey Pro v10.0.0-rc.56 is now available! :tada:


  • Fixed an issue where sent logs would not make Homey Pro out-of-memory.
  • Optimized cpu & memory usage during the first boot.

Apps SDK

  • ManagerBLE.find() now also discovers devices first.

Homey Pro v10.0.0-rc.57 is now available! :tada:

Fixed an issue where Boolean-type Logs could become corrupt.


Leider noch kein Update für das Problem eines nicht funktionierenden Zigbee nach einem Neustart

Ich hab diesen problem noch nie gehabt bei meine ZigBee Netzwerk

Freut mich. Leider liegt hier das Problem und ich bin nicht der einzige

Homey Pro v10.0.0-rc.58 is now available! :tada:

  • Crashes where Homey Pro crashes are now also reported.
  • Improved Homey Pro’s startup I/O performance.

Hopefully this resolves the problem where Zigbee or Z-Wave is unavailable.


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:key: : The promised API Keys are now live! :tada:
You can view, create & delete your own Web API Keys in the Homey Web App. Visit Settings → API Keys to create your first and start playing with 'em. We’re eager to hear your feedback.

Damit könnte man z.b. ein Dashboard, eigene Homey App etc… programmieren :slight_smile:


This could be a very, very great addition!
Is somebody already planning a Home Assistant integration for Homey? :wink:

MQTT Hub? :wink:

Sure, doing it that way right now. But can’t we rule out MQTT now that there is an API?


@spkesDE, wärst Du so nett und postest das Changelog?

Auf dem iPad sind jetzt auch die Variablen vorhanden, und das Darstellungsproblem im Bereich der Apps ist auch verschwunden. :+1:t3:

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Homey Mobile App v7 Build 7.0.0 (1175)
Thank you all for reporting issues related to the Homey mobile app beta so far! We have received the most feedback on the app speed in general and scrolling issues on Android specifically. We are actively working on resolving these issues, and this release should offer some improvements in this regard.In addition, although it does not fully solve the issue of the app being slow, we have added the option to view the devices page in “Collapsed view” (as seen in the screenshot).

  • General: Added scroll-to-top functionality when pressing an item in the bottom tabbar.
  • Home: Fixed issues with timeline items not updating or the timestamp being incorrect.
  • Devices: Adds an option to switch the root zone to “Collapsed view”.
  • Widgets: Widgets should be working again correctly on both iOS and Android (Apple Watch is still WIP).
  • Tablet/MacOS: Several improvements to the layout for tablet devices, fixed an issue where Logic was not visible and device controls way too big.
  • Flows: Fixes several issues related to flows, for example not being able to enable/disable or remove advanced flows,
  • Android: Should bring some performance improvements for Android users when scrolling on the Devices page. However, we are still working on other improvements