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Network request failed on app and website

Can someone please help me?

I have a Samsung tab a7 wallmounted.

I got the network request failed in app and also on the homey website.

Don’t know what to do, because the tab have a good wifi, also seeing this in my unifi network app. No dropouts or whatever.

Is it Android what makes a mess? Or what can it be.

Thank you Marcel

About the web app:
It’s a Homey thing. Nothing to worry about (not that it is normal though).
But, if it happens quite often, there might be an app or apps consuming too much RAM (over 40MB’s).
Via Insights you can discover which app(s).
I discovered Homey’s wifi can go down for a moment because of those apps.

With the android app I’ve never seen this error.

Thnx for your answer. It’s a annoying thing if you push a button I get this very often.

Could this be the bad boy maybe?

YW. That’s not a weird or ‘bad’ graph.
(iCalCalendar has/had the habit to use more and more RAM in time, idk if that’s still the case.)
A longshot, but is your wifi dualband? If so, try to disable the 5GHz radio for a while, to see if it results in less errors.

It has already its own 2,4 network on a own ssid.

I disabled the ical app and will see what it does. Otherwise I will get back to this if you don’t mind.