Netgear Meural

For about a week now I am a proud owner of a shiny new Homey Pro. Now I am looking to connect my Netgear Meural 2 to it, but there is no app for it. I found, however, this in GitHub: GitHub - edwinw6/homey-meural: Control your Netgear Meural digital art frame with your Homey. Set the brightness, turn it on and off and display your own images.

It seems to be exactly what I am looking for, but I have no clue what to do with it. Does anyone know how I can install this on my Homey?

Hello Percy, and welcome to Homey forum.

Download the zip

and you’d be able to install it by CLI (command line).

(It should be compatible with the Pro 2023, because the SDK version = 3)

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That worked inmediately. Thank you very much for your help, I can now control my Canvas 2 vie Homey.

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