Netatmo CO2 reading from multipe indoor units

I’m controlling my ventilation system (systemair) from homey, and the controll works like a sharm. I want to controll the strength of the ventilation on how high the CO2 level is in a room. It has not been a problem setting up some flows for one sensor.
But my problem is to set up a flow for multiple sensors.
If I have multiple roules for different rooms. And the livingroom has CO2 level that sets the ventilation to medium, and a bedroom has low CO2 level the ventilation is then set back to low again, because it’s reading the value for the bedroom.

Is there a way to gather all my four sensors to one virtual device that always shows the highest value of all devices, that I can use in a flow for the ventilation?

The group app can do that for you, in the configuration settings for the app you can define the behavior for each value of each group.

That worked perfectly, thank you

Pointing to it is easy, thanks forwarded to @Jamie for creating this useful app :slight_smile:

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