Neo coolcam powerplug

That is the problem, he don’t report when the energy is above the value i set in my flow. Maybe the problem is the % what is changed, it uses litte more energy when its on than when its standby.
Anybody knows that ?

What does your flow look like? Can you post a screenshot?
And did you have a look at the insight graph of the plug? Maybe also post a shot of that?

Hoi Peter, i know what the problem is, it is the % in change . Is it possible to change that ? Now it’s 80% standard.

Click the cogwheel on the top right and choose advanced settings

That won’t work, see
“If so, then you have the new model and it appears all or most parameter ID’s have changed and even the standard options on the device page aren’t working anymore.”
from PetervdK earlyer post.

Hang on, i will look it up in the new manual…

It is parameter 9, the values are explained here.

Mind that it is about amps, not watts.

But that’s the one he’s not looking for?

You are right, Rocodamelshe, the amps are steady, the watts are changing. That’s what i need.
Please Peter, van you also help me whith that ?

Nope. The plugs only report on amps change, not on watts change. Both versions don’t.

That is, they report the values of course, but triggering on the amount changed is not an adjustable trigger for the watts.

U sure about that?

:tired_face::tired_face::sob::sob:that is not funny

These flow works , only it gives the change of watt once a minute, not directly.
So it reports the change of watt, or am i wrong ?

Yes, of course it does, it is a value that is reported. But the trigger is the report interval, not the amount changed. At least, not for the watts.

I realize my statement can be confusing, so i adjusted it to make it more clear.

I will post an overview of the parameters of both versions later tonight.

When i try it with a lamp in the powerplug, with more watt instead of the tv reciever it for sure works, with the same flow.
So the change of watt can used as a trigger.

Obviously. Are you sure that is instantly and not because of the interval reporting?
Anyway, you can’t change the setting, alas. At least, not according to the Neo Coolcam manuals.

At the moment, only the settings of a V1 Coolcam plug can be changed via the advanced settings in the mobile Homey app. For a new V2 plug this won’t work because the parameter numbering is incorrect.

(I understood the app developer, Marco Ruiter, is currently working on this and it will be possible to change settings for all plugs again in a coming update of the Coolcam app.)

For now, if you want to change a setting of the new V2 plug, you will have to do this manually. You need the values as listed in the table blow. There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Via the option “Raw configuration parameters” in the advanced device settings in the mobile Homey app. Insert the values In the “Value” field in the format ‘parameter id, size, value’, for instance “3,1,1”. Then press back (left upper corner) and then save the settings (right upper corner).
    The parameter setting should have changed now.

  2. Via the developer page, Z-wave section ( Scroll down to the Tools section. There is a field in front of the “Send RAW data” button where you can insert the values.
    In this case you also need the Z-wave id of the device you want to change. This id can be found in the node overview on top of the developer Z-wave page. It is the colored number before the device name.
    Fill in the values in the format ‘device id, parameter id, size, value’, for instance “44,3,1,1” and press the “Send Raw Data” button.

Table 1: parameters and values:

Param ID V1 Param ID V2 Description Size Values Units Default value Remark
1 6 Plug meter reporting on/off 1 0 (disable) or 1 (enable) - 1 Enable or disable the reporting function
2 7 Plug meter reporting interval V1: 2 1–65535 Seconds 300 Time in seconds between every report to the host
V2: 2 30–32767 Seconds 300
3 8 Maximum current output 1 1–16 Amp 16 Maximum current the plug will supply. V1 will stay on and turn yellow, V2 will cut-off
4 10 Maximum current alarm threshold 1 1–15 Amp 15 Value must be less that the maximum output value! LED will turn yellow and alarm sent
5 3 Led Display Enable 1 0 (disable) or 1 (enable) - Enable or disable the LED indicator
6 9 Plug meter report on current change V1: 1 1–100 % 5 Percentage of current change that will trigger report
V2: 2 1–1600 Amp 50 Amount of current change that will trigger report where 1 = 0.01A, 1600 = 16A
7 1 Remember Relay ON/OFF status 1 0 (No) or 1 (Yes) - 1 Enable or disable the previous state after power loss
8 4 Configure Plug Time switch Function 1 0 (disable) or 1 (enable) - 0 Enable or disable the switching timer function
9 5 Configure Time switch Period 2 0–32767 Seconds 120 Specify the switching timer value
10 2 Button On/Off Enable 1 0 (disable) or 1 (enable) - 1 Enable or disable the manual switch button
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Thanks you , for all these info. Tomorrow i shall experiment a little more an let you know !
Otherwise i shall must wait for the update !

Is tried everthing today but what i want will not work. Wil it work after the update of the app or should i look for a plug V1 ? How can i see the different between V1 and V2 ?
Thanks for helping me guys !

I have tried this now both via the app and the developer page, but I cannot get the led indicator, or the manual button usage to change (I tried those because I can check if the settings actually changed) I also tried the codes for the V1, but still nothing. Do you have any tips, because im not sure what to do now. Thank you in advance.

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Sorry, missed the post…
I realized something last weeken when i was playing around with the new plugs.

The manual for a V1 says param 6 is adjustable for reporting on the % of power change. And in the settings page, power shows as W.
In the V2 manual it clearly states that param 9 is a setting that can be adjusted for reporting on the amount of current change, thus A.

So now i am a bit confused in what the setting in V1 is really for W or for A. Going to test some this week, let u know.