You’ve dragged the action card. That will never have the value you are looking for and therefore doesn’t work.

I suggest you make a new flow starting with the NEEO event card. And use the simple log app to log the values of the green tags. This way you can see what value they hold. Then make the flow you want. The action card can be “launch” for instance. Like in my screenshot.

I have exposed all icons that are available. It’s not possible to upload your own icons to NEEO. At least not yet. When this happens then I’m sure to include that in the app.

Thank Neils, will do. I am very familiar with Z-wave and mesh, just wondering how well adding the NEEO as a secondary Hub works with Homey, and if you have done this over IP or as a Z-wave secondary Hub only. Then if all Z-wave devices are that are associated with a NEEO hub can be fully utilised with flows/tags if you have integrated z-wave over IP from the Brain. If you have integrated Z-wave devices from Neeo Brains over IP, then this opens up far more prospects for range and usability. Just wondering which way you went as I cant test it due to frequency issues.

Yes of course, I noticed that myself. Good when they add this feature.
Any Flows or apps you recommend to test out with this Neeo app? I want to test its full potential and show it off to clients. Is there a way to trigger the screen on the NEEO remote on and display an image or notification?

I don’t have much zwave devices as almost all my lights are hue’s but I can control these zwave devices with both NEEO and homey. Off course you can also use my app to control zwave device that either are connected to NEEO or homey. As both my NEEO and homey are EU zwave I can do both native. Does this answer your question?

Yes you can add a virtual device with a picture or text label and update their states on an event.

Here is a demo showing off the state updates.

@Niels, thanks now it works.

Goodmorning, The integration between NEEO and Homey is a really great thing. What I can’t get to work is adding a capability to an already existing device. Tried rebooting both Homey and Neeo, but the new capabilities never come to the Neeo (looking to add them through Add shortcut screen). Isn’t it possible (although Homey config App seems to support it) or am I missing something? Thanks for any help!

It’s with the current public version of the NEEO SDK/API not possible. You must delete and add the device and all capabilities will be there.

Okay thanks, I figured that but was reluctant as to loose the screens, but fine will proceed like this. Thanks again for the great integration work!

HI Neils,
Is there a way to get Homey to activate (turn on) the Remotes screen?
I can not see any way within flows, so I am asking if their SDK supports this. My reasoning is for the recent Doorbird integration and having the Snapshot display on the remote. This would be useful if the remote was in its charging stand or even on the table, then I could turn on the remote screen and activate a recipe that opens up the Doorbird controls and Snapshot Image.
Any ideas?

That’s not possible.

The remotes are just a means of interfacing with the brain. With multiple remotes on one brain you can have different screens open. So for instance different rooms. As there is a 1 to N relationship it’s not possible.

Hi Niels,

Tried this many times but the NEEO app can not find the virtual device i have created on Homey in the NEEO settings page. I can see that the Homey SDK Device database is loaded in my NEEO app via the log. Any suggestions ? (Using version 0.51.13)

I’m not sure what happens? If you say logging, do you mean when you run my app in debug mode?

What I can imagine, but not probable is that you might have to many SDK devices connected, could you check in the NEEO App -> settings -> NEEO BRAIN -> SDK integrations. There is a maximum of 10. To be sure tap the cleanup button. Now in the homey interface stop and start the NEEO App. This will re register itself as a SDK database,

To clarify the limit of 10. The limit is for SDK Driver databases. So the NEEO app on homey counts as one. Even with 100 virtual devices exposed.

Any other SDK driver run separate will take one off the SDK limit. Until this is cleared or until the brain is rebooted.

That’s interesting. Could you still try to stop and start the NEEO app in the homey interface?

You know that you need to add the virtual device by adding a new device in the NEEO app and use the search bar?


Wait please

Could you share the data that can be found in my app settings? The JSON formatted data?