Need some help with with device discovery


I’m building an app for controlling my Volumio audio player. I set up discovery, and the device is not found yet.

My steps:
file .homey…/discovery/ => volumio.json
“type”: “mdns-sd”,
“mdns-sd”: {
“protocol”: “tcp”,
“name”: “Volumio”
in the device there’s the “discovery”: “volumio” property.

Names I’ve tried: volumio, Volumio, _Volumio, _volumio

When I execute avahi-browse -a (from Linux) I see:

  • wlp2s0 IPv4 dionysos _Volumio._tcp local

The device has no http-secure protocol.

Could that be the problem?

Many thanks in advance!

Update: Het is gelukt!

Wat ontbrak was: “id”: “{{name}}”

En ik kwam erachter door in de commandline “homey app discovery create” te gebruiken.

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