Need help for a counts how many times the door has been opened


Need help to create a flow that counts how many times the door has been opened. Will use this on the fridge. As me and the lady are in the fridge all the time to “look” to see if anything new has arrived. Thought of using a door sensor to count… Then thought of making a virtual device that shows the number of door openings per day, week, month and a total count

Thanks for all the help I can get

1 create a variable (logic, found under … More)
2 now use a logic card in the THEN. To increase the number every time the door opens
3 reset the variable every night using a THEN logic card
Create a seperate logic for weeks months total…
(Pretty sure more advanced tips will follow :wink:)

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In detail, that can be done by "calculate [YourVariable] " logics card as {{[YourVariable]+1}}
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