Neato D3 connected question

Hi Cuflee!

Usually you can manage your router to limit the band to use for a certain device in the router‘s settings.




Just wanted to say that it’s now been 3 days without any issues with the Neato from Homey. The problem is, I don’t know what ended up solving the issue.

I first removed the Neato app after binding it to Homey. This seemed to have solved the issue, cause the connection remained stable. I wanted to know if this was indeed the issue so re installed the app, but the issue did not return.

I stopped shutting down the neato by pressing the button for 10 seconds. Once it is shutted down there is the exclamation mark within Homey with the same API endpoint error. But after I tried if this was the case and powered it back up the Neato became available again, no re pairing necessary.

What I did do is take a lot of neato apart cause I wanted to know how to remove and change the brush. Perhaps something got “touched” there that fixed the issue, but I would not know what.

I changed nothing on my WiFI settings at all. So I don’t know what actually fixed it and I’m still a bit worried that it starts having the same issues again, but it never worked for more than a couple of hours and now already been some days.

The robot itself is great, it cleans perfectly and really finds all the spots within the room to clean.

Good to hear.
I received mine yesterday and very happy with it.
I have no wifi issues so far and i really like the notification from the app that shows a map of the room after every cleaning run.

I wanted my neato to clean on monday, wednesday and friday after I leave the house (turn on the alarm) but only once per that day.
So I set a variable to true everytime it finished cleaning and set the variable false every monday, wednesday and friday night 00:15.
It will also return to the base if I turn off the alarm( get home).