Namron z-wave 4 chanel

I just bought a namron z-wave 4 chanel wall swich, i Include it in homey with no problem.
But i cant finde anything else byt battery infirmation when i am going to set up a flow, thre is no scene ore anything else only battery alarm. hov do i get the chanels fore each button?
I hawe tryed 3 different apps fore this device but they are all the same.
How to use the four groups only group one is showing with the battery information.

What are the options when you you choose the switch at If… and at And…. Could you post screenshots of this?


How does your screen look like when you try to make a new flow? With my Namron 4 button wall switch, I get the following options when I use the “a scene has been activated” card:


These are the only options i get, battery alarm aktivated and batteryalarm deaktivated


Dette er de eneste valgene jeg får i When, finner ingen scene kun batteri info

it is like the groups are not there.

You are definitely using a different app than bMi. You said that you already tried different apps, but I would try this app again:

yes, thanks i will give it another try

hi @fiLLLip is there a location were we can locate the “when” tag/statement/ for a flow.

The case is as follow: I want to have 1 flow that trigger both on and off with my Namron 8x switch .

IF: A button has been pressed (2x tags: (button and scene) )
And: *** Missing the attributes****
Wish: “Group 2 - on(I): pressed 1x” or “Group 2 - off(0): pressed 1x”
Then: “Turn on light x” else “Turn off light x”

This is to keep down the flows and future maintenance if a devices change or a change is needed.

thanks again. btw have you created an paypal account for this app? so there are an option to contribute to the work you and Åsmund Bakke Bø putting down.

Hard for me to continue developing and testing this as I don’t own a Homey myself. I fixed this for my sister and her setup, and the remainder of devices added was kind of a hit in dark. Wouldn’t you be able to check the when on what triggered the flow? I’m just throwing ideas here :slight_smile:

Regarding contributions, I have just linked my own paypal thus far. If I’m starting to receive contributions, we have to see if we can’t get anything project-wide.

Aha I see. I ware able to solve my initial problem regards to the tag. Created a flow with the button push and added a notification with the output from button and scene.

This is the flow I ended up with. Using flow cards in the “and” statement.