Name of the triggered device?


I’m trying to get the name of the triggered device, to use later in a flow. Is that possible at all?
Example: Philips Hue light called Livingroom Left.
WHEN Livingroom Left TURNED ON → flow-cards… → tag: device-name.
tag = Livingroom Left.

Many thanks!

Yes, use the watch flowcard from Device Capabilities, it has the devicename and id as tokens.


Oeps, it not in live yet.

Hang on, i’ll make it ready now and publish it to test.

It’s in test now:
Device Capabilities | Homey

There is a When card which you can use to select the device and capabilities / field to watch.
When it get’s triggered/executed, there are the tokens DeviceName and DeviceID.


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Wow, this is freaking awesome - I will try it out! :star_struck:

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